Allows you to specify the details of the packed column or tower and determine its size, design basis, degree of compression, and pressure drop. You can specify the diameter of the column in metric or English units, or specify its diameter as a percentage of the total diameter of the tower. Packed Column Calculator then determines the height, bed length, bed length increment, and bed density of the column. You can then specify the height, diameter, or length of the packed column or tower.
Packed Column Calculator does not calculate or present column or tower data, but rather provides a tool to calculate the hydraulic design parameters of a packed column. Packed Column Calculator can then calculate the volumetric flowrate and pressure drop.
Scaling factors are included to allow the program to scale the final design to a variety of other diameters and heights. The Eckert-Robbins correlations are included to support the full range of liquid flowrates.
Identical columns with different liquid holdups can be distinguished based on the pressure drop.
Packed Column Calculator runs on DOS and Windows.
Packed Column Calculator is available from Lexicon and it will be distributed in CD-ROM format.
Any questions or comments please contact us directly at:
Accessibility: E: Sales
Customized Report Generator
Customized Report Generator Description:
The customized report generator is used to provide a report based on the results of the system of units module.
Many times users receive data sets with varying sizes of data sets. Some data sets include millions of rows of data while others include as few as ten or fewer rows. This software will allow users to automatically combine the data sets into a single file.
This report will then have columns for each item of data, and the values of each column will match the original data. As a result, the user can easily create reports from data sets that originally include millions of rows of data. This software can also create a database from the data set that allows users to create their own spread sheets to view the data.
This software allows the user to easily generate a report from data sets.
Customized Report Generator is available from Lexicon and it will be distributed in CD-ROM format.
Any questions or comments please contact us directly at:
Accessibility: E: Sales
Engineering Release Manager
Engineering Release Manager Description:
The Engineering Release Manager is a powerful tool for the application manager. It allows him or her to create a release that is ready for installation. A release 6e8feb22df

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