KeyMacro is a universal “keymap” file format used by many
text editors and text processing software. Its contents are
usually defined by a single text file, called a “keymap”, and
allow editors to make use of a single set of keyboard commands
(ex. in the form of “CTRL+F”, “CTRL+B”, and “CTRL+I”) for
dealing with all kinds of text editing tasks. The format can be
viewed and modified using any text editor that supports
displaying text.

KeyMacro file syntax:
# Header

# first line contains’magic’ string
# subsequent lines contain comment lines
# that don’t appear in the file
# after header line, strings are separated by
# multiple lines by ‘
‘ character
# string is terminated by ‘
‘ character
# lines between start of header and the first #
# comment are not taken into account
# so you don’t need to write ‘#’ character in the
# beginning of the comment
magic = “keymacro-v1.0”

# header for the keymap file
# please keep the lines below consistent with
# magic line
header = \
version = “1.0”
copyright = “Copyright (C) 2012-2019, Niels Dupuis”

# footer
footer = \
version = “1.0”
copyright = “Copyright (C) 2012-2019, Niels Dupuis”

# make array of all strings
array_string = {
{ “chage:”, “Change”, “$” },
{ “edit:”, “Edit”, “$” },
{ “finish:”, “Finish”, “$” },
{ “find:”, “Find”, “$” },
{ “next:”, “Next”, “$” },
{ “prev:”, “Prev”, “$” },
{ “question:”, “Question”, “$” },
{ “refresh:”, “Refresh”, “$” },
{ “run:”, “Run”, “$” },
{ “undo:”, “Und 84e02134c1

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