KeyMacro is a cross-platform application designed to help you automate the printing process for your documents and files. This universal software offers several useful features, such as converting the documents to PDF format, designating the text style and layout, creating and encrypting the print commands, as well as establishing the correct layout and printing settings.
PDF, text and printing
The software allows you to convert all the documents and files into PDF format. In case you want to produce a PDF file from a Word or Excel document, you can simply click the button, then select the desired type of PDF document. If you wish to print the file, you can choose the paper size, paper orientation and the kind of paper. All these settings are fully customizable.
The software also allows you to print documents, documents and files directly to the computer using the existing Windows print driver. This driver can be activated from the KeyMacro interface and you can choose between different types of printers (such as inkjet, laser and more).
Using the template for the print command, you can produce customized print commands, which can then be saved and saved at any time.
A wide range of options
KeyMacro offers several helpful features that make it one of the most important tools for printing different types of files and documents. The software is designed to help you create a PDF document directly from any Microsoft Office files. It allows you to design the print commands, assign the necessary settings and add print commands to a template. All the elements of the template can be changed and they will apply to all the following print commands.
You can also save the print settings as a template, so the device will print documents in the desired way. The software allows you to convert files into PDF format and edit the page orientation, paper format and paper size. You can also choose between landscape and portrait orientation. All these parameters can be applied to the current document. Moreover, you can set the exact paper size and the paper orientation.
Finally, the software also allows you to create an auto-dynamical print command. All the parameters of the print command are provided by the user, so they can be changed, whenever desired.
A comprehensive solution for software
KeyMacro is a fully-featured application that includes all the necessary options to help you print and convert different types of files. It can help you automate the printing process and let you save your time, by efficiently producing quality PDF documents and print commands.

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KEYMACRO is an external calculator application designed to be used with KeyManx. It can be run as a stand-alone application or used in conjunction with KeyManx.

The MultiToast Ringtones Xtra app was designed to let you add Ringtones to the Android Contacts. The application has many features that make it easy to manage your mobile phone ringer sounds.
Many background modes are supported:
– Enable/disable toggling
– Multiple toggling
– Dots per second (DPS)
– Loop
– Countdown
– Interrupt
In addition you can define the following properties:
– Transition length
– Transition type (fixed or random)
– Number of milliseconds between transitions
– Show text
– Interrupt with audio
– Countdown to duration
– Time to current time
– Dot per second (DPS)
– Toggles (either “on” or “off”)
– Active mode (either silent, ring-only or loud, ring-only)
– Enable/disable toggling
– Repeat with timer
– Queue with timer
– Count to seconds (and maybe others)
– Repeat one more time

FlickClock for PC is a “time showing” program with integrated MP3 player. It has some additional features, which increase the quality of time display in the Windows world:
1) Time is not limited to display on screen
2) Ability to display progress (and hide part of it)
3) Ability to display simple keyboard input
4) Display date on toolbar, if you can’t handle with desktop clock
5) Ability to show messages (both from computer and from the real life). It has ability to show them on desktop
6) Ability to show status bar notifications
7) Ability to show extra debug messages
FlickClock is a part of the handy collection “Free Tools”.
FlickClock is a freeware and opensource program.

The internal calendar in Clockwize 5 for Outlook lets you see the calendar events in different ways.
You can use a time table of one month or a year or a collection of user-defined tables. You can choose the section you want to see and the way you want to see it.
Key features:
• Calendar display of one month or a year
• Ability to choose a date by month, day, year or just by hour, minute and seconds
• User-defined rules for